What the cluck?

Different shades of brown indicate different chickens
Feeding them leftover salad!
A lot has happened recently so I've been away from my blog. I've started a new career and I’m currently moving into a new apartment, but that hasn't stopped me from making tasty meals and sweet desserts. To see what I've been up to, check out my Twitter Danielle_Cooks.

Since I've been staying with my sister, I wanted to share photos of her chickens and their eggs. Her chickens are all different colors with different personalities- and they lay different eggs! Molly can always tell what chicken laid which egg. Although I can’t tell a difference in taste, she insists the white chicken, Fro, lays the best tasting egg. They are all good in my opinion because they are the perfect size for accurate baking and they have a rich orangey-yellow yolk that improves any dish!
Now THAT'S a yolk! Salmon & eggs with dill mustard.

I've used her eggs in everything from simple fried eggs to cinnamon toast crunch cookies. Molly wants to make a cake with them so I suggested pound cake because it takes lots of eggs. They produce so many eggs that it’s hard to keep up!

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